Virtual Health & Wellness Services

The future of Health and Wellness will allow clients and employees to virtually manage their health from any electronic device where ever they are.

Client Interface:

Your employees and clients can easily take an HRA (Health Risk Assessment) after accessing their own personal secure page displaying your colors, logo and information. Once they complete the HRA their custom profile is developed listing health risks in order of importance. They are provided with the tools to manage and eliminate these risks through education, diet, exercise, stress management, etc. They can also set their own personal goals. A custom diet and exercise plan is developed to help them achieve their goals. A personal grocery list can be printed every week to help maintain the new, healthier lifestyle. Look up thousands of foods for nutritional content, recipes and caloric value.

Your clients and employees goals are continuously displayed and updated. Healthcare professionals (Nurse, Physical Therapist, Dietician, Nutritionist, etc.) are standing by to answer your emails or provide live chat when professional assistance is desired.

Site Administration:

The site administrator can see what his/her clients/employees need to do to achieve their goals and push specific content to them and arrange health challenges. They can also measure multiple customizable metrics to maximize the desired results. All personal health information is protected in accordance with HIPPA so personal privacy is assured.

Client Retention and ROI:

If you own a health based business (fitness center, physical therapy practice, medical facility) your clients will be linked directly to you and will make you the first choice in their health and wellness. ROI (return on investment) can easily be measured for employers or health based business through the site administrator portal.

This proactive approach makes health and wellness easily attainable and cost effective. Please contact us to discuss customizing a program for you.

Virtual Health And Wellness Services

Customize graphics, content, colors, text, images to your preference to meet your employees and clients needs.

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