The Company

The CompanyAll great things start with that “aha” moment. That point in time when all your neurons are firing in perfect order to compose what will become your future course. This moment can come to any of us and usually in the strangest places to have such a monumental discovery. Mine came to me on several occasions; the first time was in grad school during a lecture. Not to say I wasn’t paying attention, just deep in other thought. It then came again on my honeymoon sitting with my wife having lunch in a small café in Queenstown, New Zealand. In our current time its best related to having the Netflix moment in the world of Blockbuster except mine relates to the delivery of healthcare.

After years of working in the healthcare field directly with employers of all types; I took my vision and started my own company. I developed a better way to get results when it comes to employee health and productivity.

Real Results!

In 2005 I moved from New York to Colorado Springs to start my own company. I set up a pilot study for a local insurance and finance company of 1200 employees in June of 2006. They were doing the same old reactive approach and the results were representative. After 6 months of implementing a customized program through Proactive Solutions, Inc. we had saved them $514,640.00 at a cost of $13,546.00, a return of investment of 3790%. We then developed a similar program in more of their other offices and care for approximately 12,000 employees. Their savings consistently exceeded $2.5 million a year combined utilizing our program that we staff and manage for them for the past 10 years. Currently we are creating and implementing custom programs for employers achieving similar results.

Consistent Growth

Since inception our company continues to grow and along with our strategic partners. We have provided services to millions of employees throughout the country for businesses of all sizes. We are called upon to consult in all areas of business from insurance, finance, manufacturing and medical.

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