Medical & Specialty Services

Proactive Solutions, Inc. can provide physicians and nursesto perform any needed services on or off site. This allows the employer greater control in preventing worksite injuries and minimizes downtime caused by an employee leaving work for medical care.

Background checks and drug screening provides the employer with the added security during the hiring process and can be incorporated into the pre-screening process. Case management minimizes lost time and gets employees back to work providing huge savings to the employer.

Interpretation and translation services enable us to deliver any of our services in the native language of your employees. Our written materials and lectures can be translated and when appropriate our medical staff utilizes an interpreter while providing care. This guarantees that the message is clearly received by the employee and concerns are addressed correctly.


  • Problems are detected early and changes implemented are at a minimal cost.
  • At work injuries decline greatly.
  • Quick, cost effective care.
  • Employees do not need to leave work for care.
  • Problems are addressed early before they require a formal diagnosis.
  • Increased employee productivity and retention.

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Medical & Specialty Services

Service Spotlight

“My physical therapist is my guardian angel. I broke my arm on 12/6/10 and went to a doctor in my small town of 7,000. My doctor kept telling me my arm wouldn’t heal due to my smoking. I came back to work after about 3 mos of being off and had Proactive Solutions start my Physical Therapy. My physical therapist recommended I have an MRI done because my arm just wasn’t healing. I had an MRI done and found I actually also had a torn rotator cuff. Without my physical therapist’s attention to this I may have gone unhealed for a very long time. I ended up going to a new doctor that my physical therapist suggested and that doctor fixed my arm.

On June 3, 2010 I had surgery to repair my rotator cuff and now my arm has healed like it should have in the beginning.

Without my physical therapist’s guidance I would have been lost. His knowledge and his physical therapy got me back to where I was before I broke my arm. Thank you for employing such a kind, knowledgeable person.”

Insurance Claims Representative

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