Massage Therapy

A licensed massage therapist provides onsite care for your employees. Massage therapy has been proven to reduce stress. The massage therapist can also assist the onsite physical or occupational therapist deliver medical care for maximum results.

Onsite massage events are available as a reward to your employees in their work area with 10-15-20 minute chair massage packages.


  • Stress reduction and increased productivity.
  • Employee rewards.
  • Increased employee productivity and retention.
  • Maximize physical or occupational therapy benefits.

Massage Therapy

Service Spotlight

“Proactive Solutions really made a difference in my rehabilitation. The physical therapist’s positive attitude, professionalism and sincere caring about my well being made all of the difference in my recovery and comfort. Additionally having Proactive Solutions onsite made my therapy appointments convenient and expedient! ”

Senior Member Relationship Specialist

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