Injury Prevention

Custom designed programs to minimize work site injuries. Management and employees are trained to maximize the benefits of the programs. These programs can be managed by Proactive Solutions, Inc or independently by the employer.

Programs Include:

  • PAS Injury Prevention Program
  • Workshops and Lectures
  • Safe Workhabit Exercise Program (SWEP)
  • Video Job Documentation (VJD)


  • Problems are detected early and changes are implemented at a minimal cost.
  • At work injuries decline greatly.
  • Quick, cost effective care.
  • Employees do not need to leave work for care.
  • Problems are addressed early before they require a formal diagnosis.
  • Increased employee productivity and retention.

Injury Prevention

Service Spotlight

“I was referred to physical therapy for my neck and back last year and again this year. My physician wanted me to come to their office three times a week. Their physical therapy office was about a 25 minute drive one way from work. It would have been difficult for me to leave work during the workday and go there.

I found out that I could receive my therapy right here at work with Proactive Solutions. This was a great relief to me!

My Physical Therapist was wonderful, very professional, extremely personable and highly skilled. I have now progressed to the home exercise phase of my therapy which I do at the onsite fitness center. The therapist is here in the building and available to assist me if I need her in the future. I am doing well.

I would recommend Proactive Solutions services to anyone in need of physical therapy. This is an awesome benefit available to us here at work.”

Litigation Manager
Region Counsel, SERO

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