Health, Wellness & Fitness Center Mgmt.

A physical therapist will develop, implement and manage Health and Wellness programs to improve overall employee health through physical fitness, stress reduction and educational counseling. It can be as simple as a group exercise class onsite once a week to designing, staffing and operating an entire fitness center. We work with nutritionists, athletic trainers, fitness instructors and personal trainers. All programs are over seen by a physical therapist to maximize the potential of the program, prevent injuries, accommodate for pre-existing and potential medical concerns and to maintain the highest standards of health.


  • Stress reduction and increased productivity.
  • Employee rewards.
  • Increased employee productivity and retention.
  • Maximizes the benefits of physical or occupational therapy.

Health, Wellness & Fitness Center Mgmt.

Service Spotlight

“I had been suffering from plantar fasciitis pain for over 6 months before I got help from Proactive Solutions at work. After receiving my custom fitted orthotics, learning stretching techniques and going through a series of needling sessions my pain is well on the road to recovery.”

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