Ergonomic Design

Risk-Root Cause Analysis

We provide an objective analysis of the current work environment or an employee. This helps us determine the risk or root cause of current problems or potential future problems. Our goal is to prevent injury and increase productivity. We also provide the following services::

  • Pre-Employment Screen (PES)
  • Physical Demand Evaluation (PDE)
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

Ergonomic Evaluation and Design

An evaluation of the current work environment to determine areas of faulty design that increase the risk of injury and decrease productivity. The ergonomic evaluation specifically looks at:

  • The interaction of the employee with the work environment
  • An analysis of available equipment
  • Physical dimensions of the workspace
  • Employees’ physical attributes
  • Environmental influences


  • Problems are detected early and changes implemented are at a minimal cost.
  • At work injuries decline greatly.
  • Productivity increases saving the employer unwarranted costs.

Ergonomic Design

Service Spotlight

“I spent roughly 4-6 months with Proactive Solutions for physical therapy onsite due to surgically repaired Achilles tendon rupture. During this time my physical therapist was very professional and extremely friendly and outgoing. This made it a lot easier to warm up to her and be able to be more open about my injury and how I felt my own progress was going.

My physical therapist was always concerned at the slightest hint of pain during my physical therapy. She was very cautious with every approach she took with my healing process. She took the time to write up a plan for me to do exercises at home. My physical therapist was very willing to work with my schedule to get me in on my time, not what was best for her.

I have never had any form of an injury and since this was my first I was quite a bit freaked out about the whole therapy process, but once I got in with Proactive Solutions all of my worries were gone. She took the time to get to know me and my limits before even starting a routine workout for me.

My surgeon saw me about two months into my therapy and was extremely impressed with how quickly I was healing. I explained my therapy routine with him and he was even more impressed at how well my physical therapist knew what would work for me and how quickly she had me going.

Thank you Proactive Solutions so much for your awesome work and complete dedication to getting me healed so quickly. You know I love my sports and missed them so very much. I hope I never need physical therapy again but if I do, I know where I am turning!!!”

Senior Bank Advisor
Executive Resolutions

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