Desktop Exercise Software

Reduce the impact of overuse injuries for office workers with our desktop exercise software.

In all office work environments; health and safety managers, ergonomists, health practitioners, and individual computer users are looking for ways to reduce overuse injuries.

Utilizing desktop software to remind computer users when and how to stretch based on computer usage (mouse clicks and keyboard strokes, duration of use) is an effective way to combat overuse injuries by:

  • Educating users on effective self-management tools
  • Convenient reminders right at your desk
  • Easy to follow stretches
  • Proactively identify risks for injuries early
  • Reduce the risk of injuries
  • Increase injury prevention program efficiency
  • Now available in 8 languages

User Self-Care Tools:

BreakTimer: Suggests breaks based on work intensity as well as natural rest patterns, insuring that breaks are recommended when they’re really needed. During breaks, stretch suggestions are show via 31 clear video demonstrations.

ForgetMeNots: ForgetMeNots offers two important tools for preventing injuries – awareness reminders and microbreaks. Awareness reminders keep users conscious of their body and work patterns to help insure that an intellectual understanding of safety is incorporated into actual behavior at the computer. Microbreaks offer brief rests to help reduce fatigue and improve circulation.

Strain Exposure Reduction Tools:

AutoClick: AutoClick eliminates the need to do two of the most injury-inducing computer activities – grasping and clicking the mouse. This optional feature simulates a mouse click whenever you stop moving the mouse. Learning to use AutoClick is fairly easy, and the benefits are immense. By using AutoClick, people with significant mouse-related discomfort or injuries will be able to perform useful computer work and they may significantly reduce the likelihood of developing discomfort in the future.

KeyControl: KeyControl allows a user to perform mouse operations, open files or applications, type common text, or perform other repetitive tasks with a single keypress. KeyControl will also allow you to re-map the location of keys on your keyboard to more comfortable locations.

Work Restriction Manager: Monitors a user to help insure they follow a doctor-prescribed work restriction.

Desktop Exercise Software

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