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Health and wellness comes down to two options; you can react to problems or you can be proactiveand take care of the problems before they become an issue. At Proactive Solutions, Inc. we live up to our name and take the proactive approach.

We partner with companies to offer on-site health and wellness services. These services benefit the company in the form of trackable cost savings.

Companies save money because

  • employees miss less work
  • employees are healthier and therefore more producitve
  • employees feel valued and are less likely to leave the company
  • employees file fewer workers’ comp claims

We are able to show tangible cost savings through customized tracking systems. This is not meaningless data designed to impress. We customize these reports to meet your needs so you can see the numbers that are valuable to you.

Proactive Solutions, Inc. is looking for like-minded companies who want to save money and provide valuable health and wellness benefits for their employees.

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Proactive Solutions, Inc. is based in Colorado Springs and works with companies throughout the United States.

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